Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Firm - Episode 2 (Nestle Omega Plus)

The Task
To organise a cholesterol awareness campaign. The objective is to create awareness amongst public that cholesterol will have impact on heart disease. The team that organise the most effective awareness campaign where it also sends out the message that Nestle Omega Plus champion such initiative will win.

Observation : Team Momentum
Khai was the team leader. Not much focus and direction to lead the team forward. During brainstorming session, Ernie gave most ideas and other contributed as well. Team momentum got a BIG LOVE signage costing most of the budget given. On the task day, Khai was late. Ernie and Ivan was giving out sample out from the booth location but unable to draw crowds in. The task location looks bare with minimum education on cholesterol. However, they have managed to get very high amount of donation money. Oh yes, they have to make their own milk and having problem with getting enough hot water.
In the board room, Khai and Ivan were on the hot seats. Most team members thought that Khai did not done well as a leader. Whilst Ivan was found that keeping his cards under his sleeves. Not contributing to the max.

Discussion :
Was Khai a weak leader and what can she improve on?
They was not much disagreement during the brainstorming. Can that be the reason why the direction and strategy were not firm and strong?
Ivan did not contribute as much as he could. Is it more important to keep a weak leader or leader with less commitment?

Observation : Team Dynamic
Keng Teck was the leader. The way Keng Teck conduct the brainstorming session were somewhat autocratic. Joel tried to insist to focus on Heart Disease while Keng Teck maintains that Cholesterol is the key focus. Team Dynamic has managed to run an effective awareness campaign with BP Lab to conduct health check, Nutrionist standing by to give advices, Walk through Facts and Figures about Cholesterol, I Care card to be distributed out, Cholesterol Quiz and of course the mobile van with Nestle Omega Plus.
Despite with good strategy and execution, Peter Pek commented that the brand was left less desired. Team Momentum has not done enough to promote the brand despite with banner (from the floor), Buntings, sampling exercise, pamplets of nestle etc. Not forgetting Dr. Jahar though that he is being treated as a waiter.

Discussion :
Keng Teck was very firm in his decision and direction. Kind of fierce person. Should he be that firm or should he listen more to Joel and other team members?
Keng Teck is a brand consultant but being commented that he did not bring out Nestle brand in the task. Should he focus more on the brand or the campaign?
Jahar seems not happy to be a waiter but the assingnment given to him was crucial to convince people that it taste good on top of good for health. Should he complaint?

(sorry for the late posting! was rushing for project. Hope it is not to late to discuss!)


Keng Teck said...

I was the Team leader for Team Dynamic in episode 2 while Khai was the team leader for Team Momentum.

I was actually shocked to see how i presented myself in front of the team and TV. I never knew that i was so fierce and autocratic in a sense. Nevertheless,no matter how people thinks, i have to defend myself that sometimes we need to do what we have to do.

Joel was trying to implant his ides of focusing on Heart Disease instead of cholesterol for numerous time and would like to rush in for details. For me, i am a strategist who needs to have a firm strategy and direction before we think of others. With limited time to brainstorm, just few hours after we were briefed, we have to stay focus. Thus, my action to cut him off many times and bring the discussion back to focus.

I wouldn't say that i have performed tremendously well in the task but i am confident that i got my stategy right and delegated right task to the right member.

Talking about that, Dr. Jahar was nto so happy to be so called a "waiter". But we have to understand that one of the key strength of Nestle Omega plus is that the taste is much more better than its competitors. Thus, we requested the sampling van and delegated this important task to Dr. Jahar. As an academician, he can brief people well on te essense of the prodcut and also about cholesterol. THat is why he is also handling the exhibition board area.

For Team Momentum, I can't comment much. From the show, Khai does look like disoriented but as we know, she is a "people person". One thing i learn from my 10 years working experience is "To be a good leader is not to be a nice leader. To be a good leader, we must be able to lead our followers, maximise their strengths and managed their weaknesses. If they feel that you are nice, that is bonus:

Maybe someone would like to comment on the boardroom disucssion between Boon Yong, Khai and Ivan.

Khairul Bariah said...

Well Keng Teck, I have to say BRAVO to you for not using ANONYMOUS as your nickname. Ha ha!!!
I think one of us is doing so in other blogs just because people commented about her/him. :)


Yap Keng Teck said...

There is nothing to be shy off! We are human beings. It took a lot of courage for us to participate inthe show. If we have the courage to let people judge us in a TV station, why don't we have the courage to comment on our own strengths and weaknesses?

After all, the biggest winner of the show is the one who has learned most and move forward in his or her life.

At least that is what I think!

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