Monday, July 16, 2007

The Firm - Episode 4 (Silky Girl)

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The Task
To produce a magazine supplement for Silky Girl. The team that produce the most creative magazine supplement wins!

Observation : Team Dynamic
Carmen was the team leader. She was having hard time to bring out of ideas as well as unable to convince the team why she does not like the story telling idea. But at the end, she accepted it. Being the only female, she was also having hard time to manage the 3 vocal guys especially Keng Teck and Joel.
In the preparation stage, Carmen briefed the photographer on the magazine supplement concept and wanted lots of different post. It was surprising to the guys as it was not communicated during the brainstorming.
At the end, all have to think of a new concept. Carmen was taken the lead from Joel most of the time and to some extend ignored the presence of Keng Teck and Jahar.
Joel was the Art Director responsible for the shooting whilst Carmen to decide on which photo to take. Both have disagreement and Carmen wishes so much for Joel to just accept her decision and not maintaining on his own. Dr. Jahar seems like flirting with the girls. It was funny to see how he looks after she saw one of the model bend down to collect something. hahahha.

Discussion :
Was Carmen a good team leader? why?
What makes Team Dynamic win?

Observation : Team Momentum
Lin was the team leader. The star of this episode were Lin and Ernie. Ivan did not appear or do much. Lin was taking slightly longer time than expected to make decision whilst Ernie with bags of ideas and can't wait to for decision to be made. Their supplement was generic with much technical inputs. Even the photographer says that it was boring.
Ernie was the Art Director trying to bring the concept to life but the result was not good enough for Silky Girl.

In the boardroom, when asked by Boon Yong who contributed the least, Lin says Ernie instead of Ivan. Ernie might not have done well in directing the creative but certainly not the least contributing team member. At the end, Lin was terminated !

Discussion :
Do you think Lin is the right team member to be terminated? if not who?
Do you think that Lin made the right decision to go head on with Ernie instead of Ivan?
Was Ernie to be blamed for the defeat since most of the ideas and art direction are from him?

What say you? Lets discuss now!


HarryPotty said...

Carmen is a weak leader..Joel handsome face could have clouded her thinking capacity and emotionally...Lin is weak and indecisive...too clingy on other female contestant (when Anrie left, she was so devastated)..picked on the worng person (Ernie)...Enuf said.

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