Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Firm - Episode 5 (Gillette)

The Task
To enhance Gillette website. Both team will be expected to enhance the website to engage with online users. At the same time, will need to convey Gilltte's brand message of look good and feel good. The team with the most creative and engaging website wins!

Observation : Team Dynamic
Keng Teck was selected to be a team leader again. There was a twist in this episode where Team momentum got to choose a member from Team Dynamic to join them. Ivan & Ernie chosed Joel (why do they choose Joel?We know why they did not choose Jahar!).

Carmen was tremendously sad when Joel left the team. Can't contribute much nor can she be focused and contributing as much as she should have be. (Why is this happening ? Not contributing because of Joel or because that Keng Teck was fighting against her last task and this is the time for revenge?)

Keng Teck had a different leadership style this time. Not as firm as before and claimed to be not that focus by Peter. Jahar not satisfied with Keng Teck leadership whilst Carmen don't like him as a person. (So, what happen here? Keng Teck changed or weak or too tired after so many arguments in previoius tasks?. Also, does Jahar and carmen's comment justified?)

The team's idea was not that creative. Joel's absence might be contributed to that but Keng Teck was taking the safe move as he might have known that he can't compete with Joel's young an dynamic creativity?

Team Dynamic lost the task. All back in board room. This time, Keng Teck has turned the odds. Being a team leader for lossing team and was not eliminated. In addition, he was excused and left Jahar and Carmen to fight for their rights to stay in The Firm. (Did Peter make the right choice not even to get Keng Teck into the bottom 2? Do you think that Keng Teck should be eliminated? why?). Carmen was targetted because of being emotional and have not gave herbest to her team. Jahar has been noticed that he has not contributed much since task 1. At the end, Jahar was eliminated. (again, should Jahar or Carmen go?why ?)

Observation : Team Momentum
Ivan finally was chosen to be the team leader. Nevertheless, it was Ernie and Joel that were running the show. Be it ideas or execution, both of them contributed much more than Ivan. (Has Ivan able to show his leadership?) .

Come on! let us here from you! what do you think?


kurekuredalamperahu said...

I think from the elimination of Jahar, it is a good decision.

Jahar as we can see and others in the firm is the least contributor. He always missing during task, and i think this attitude should not have to someone can depend to be a great leader..don't you think?

ezza erisa said...

is Dr Jahar really a doctor?

I have a bit doubt

yes for me jahar cotributed least and he should go.

I also dun like carmen or who ever her name is. (the last women in the firm). After Joel go to other team, why suddenly she has that kind of atttitude? She seem worried, not happy etc. huh..too much feeling involved!

Wendy May said...

In this episode, I am glad to see Dr Jahar leave! In fact, he should have left in episode 1! In episode 1, he failed as a leader, aimless and indecisive. He should volunteer to leave knowing the fact that he has degree, PHD and all. I was surprised when h's parting word in this episode that he should be elected as team leader again! If he stay, I would boycott the show!

Carmen is not supposed to let her emotions rules her head. Seeing Joel leave and becoming devastated is truly irritating. She still have other team member that looks forward towards her support. I dont think she's annoyed with keng Teck, just that Joel is not there to soothe her emotion. Keng Teck is being practical, as a team leader he has to do what he has to do - the same goes for Carmen, she should not be sooo emotional. In fact in every episode, I often see her 'cry'. I remembered reading somewhere on Martha Stewart words to a contestant in The Apprentice "If you cry, leave the show..As a woman, as a genuine leader, you should not easily cry"..therefore, I dont think Carmen makes a good leader even if they won Silkygirl episode thru her. Carmen came across to me as a highly emptional person, unstable.

The one thing that I still wonder if 'she could be a good leader' is Angeline. I saw how hard she worked in episode 1 despite being eliminated over an ethic subject that seemed vague to me. She was not judged fairly. Joel and Jahar could be planning to eliminate her due to her fearless and willing to take risk behavior. Did anyone see she make calls to Joel to spy other team? What is so wrong to check what other team is doing? Not to disrupt the event. She may be naive to tell people that there is a TV filming going on but that doesnt mean it's NOT TRUE. When people ask you what is going on, why camera following me..or when time is running will say or do anything to win! There's no time to think when the time is running out and your team leader is hopeless.

That's why I said, Dr Jahar should LEAVE THE SHOW since episode 1.

Yap Keng Teck said...

Yes. Dr. Jahar finally gone. He might not be a leader that we will look up for but i have to say after few episodes, all of the contestants saw great improvement in him.

Wendy, you are right about carmen. Carmen does not have Joel to soothe her after Joel left. Me being a practical person will focus on the task then to take over Joel's smooth operator role. Emotional she is. I was giving her some hard time during the silky girl task. It is not surprising for any female to feel emotional. Neverthles, there is need to control and focus.

Hmm! seems like Angeline got many fans as well despite left on the 1st episode. To fair to every one, let me say my bit.

Angeline did really call Joel. It is a fact. No doubt. The question is whether is she joking or not. Only Angeline and Joel knows it.

efferstine said...

Quoting wendy may,

Did anyone see she make calls to Joel to spy other team?

Yes. I did.

What is so wrong to check what other team is doing?

If I'm not mistaken, it is part of the show's rules and regulation that you do NOT check out the other team's progress. That I'm not very sure la. =)

...and Keng Teck! "Carmen does not have Joel to soothe her after Joel left. "

Very aptly put. Teeheehee. Nice!

ezza erisa said...

I just curious, where did Dr Jahar disappear during the gillete task?

Wendy May said...


Are you one of the contestant? How do you that the rules & regulation said so? Isn't this a reality TV show to show off your skills? If its true that this is the rules..then I think the show sucks! Spy or not spy, ultimately is Joel's call to do or not to do. These days companies spy other companies, take Maxis, Digi and Celcom for example...if they dont spy on each other products how to be the best in the market??

Which part did you see the contestant make call to Joel? Or did Joel actually called her? Who is right or wrong we dont know, still I feel its unfair to terminate people over something SO VAGUE.

The one thing that is obvious is Dr Jahar's leadership skills..he should be terminated for that in episode 1.

I am not taking sides here..just dont think that some people in the show is terminated fairly.

LiOnelVOOn said...

Keng Teck

Sorry, I did not see any improvement in Dr Jahar. I dont know what type of improvement you are talking about. I think he should not have entered the show at all. No business or corporate knowledge whatsoever.

ezza erisa said...
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Nutzwinks said...

In general, most Malaysians really do have attitude problems, don't you think so? It's the no. 1 hindrance to become an effective leader :P

ezza erisa said...

if they dont spy on each other products how to be the best in the market??

leader should have 'creative' mind to begin with.

Yap Keng Teck said...


There is a difference in "Spy" and "Market Intelligence".

The former is illegal while the later is permitted.

It is the same like "spamming" and email marketing.

Lets not in anyway promote or support "spy".

wendy cw said...

thanks goodness! Dr.Jahar has been eliminated..I'm glad to see Dr. Jahar leave.

ezza erisa said...

keng teck,

i just do the bold for the previous comment.

i am beyond supporting spy on other team...

that why i put there 'creative mind to begin with'

Anonymous said...

Angeline was OK in first task but she was not that great! Nothing to say absolutely outstanding, fantastic, will go on to win & deserves to stay in the show. She's just normal. Not the worst but also not the best. She admitted that she lied. Yes, she did. I wouldn't want someone that lies to work for me. Angeline's old, old news. To go on and on about this in episode 5 is just sad. She went in episode 1. Get over it already.