Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Firm - Episode 1

The Task
To organise the most effective Open Day for Fitness First. The Team that brings in the most guests and run the most effective open day, Wins!

Observation : Team Momentum
Looks like one man show by Ernie. Others? Did they really have the opportunity to contribute? Everything was smooth in Team Momentum. The event was great and fun. However, have the team be running the way it should be?

Observation : Team Dynamic
Team Dynamic managed to get almost double walk-in guest than Team Momentum but have they achieve the task objective? Dr. Jahar was the star of the show. Who will not notice him? Is Dr. Jahar a weak leader or too innocent to be leader?
It must be a surprise to all when Angeline was terminated from The Firm instead of Jahar. Has the Corporate Leader - Peter Pek made the right decision? For you, ethics is more important or an efficient leader is more important?

What is your view on both team's performance?
Who should be eliminated?
Who made most sense in the episode?

Friday, June 15, 2007

"The Firm" on NTV 7 starting 24th June 2007

A new corporate leadership reality show is coming up on NTV 7.

Tune into NTV 7 every Sunday , 9pm starting from 24th June 2007.

There after , we can discuss about what happened, who should or should not be eliminated.

For those who wanted to watch the opening preview, click here