Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Firm - Episode 1

The Task
To organise the most effective Open Day for Fitness First. The Team that brings in the most guests and run the most effective open day, Wins!

Observation : Team Momentum
Looks like one man show by Ernie. Others? Did they really have the opportunity to contribute? Everything was smooth in Team Momentum. The event was great and fun. However, have the team be running the way it should be?

Observation : Team Dynamic
Team Dynamic managed to get almost double walk-in guest than Team Momentum but have they achieve the task objective? Dr. Jahar was the star of the show. Who will not notice him? Is Dr. Jahar a weak leader or too innocent to be leader?
It must be a surprise to all when Angeline was terminated from The Firm instead of Jahar. Has the Corporate Leader - Peter Pek made the right decision? For you, ethics is more important or an efficient leader is more important?

What is your view on both team's performance?
Who should be eliminated?
Who made most sense in the episode?


Anonymous said...

For me, Peter Pek made the right decision. You can train someone to be efficient but you it is a lot more difficult to change someone's beliefs/habits/ethics. Maybe even impossible. As they say, a leapord never changes its spots. My 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

I think what we see on TV is different than what is portray in a person due to all the editing and stuff. Judging by what Angeline did on that day - she probably think out of the box to get her team to win since their leader is such a wimp, it's still a TV show right??? I dont believe in REAL life she or other people is as bad as been portrayed on TV. I dont think it's fair to judge anyone by what we SEE on TV. What we see doesnt mean it's TRUE. I think anonymous is making his/her judgement based on what he/she believe or see on TV, while it is true that ethics is important, I am sure anonymous dont really know the contestants that deep/well to judge? Dont judge someone merely by one failed project lah! Furthermore, none of us is that perfectly ethical 2 cents worth.

Anonymous said...

we don't care if we know/don't know the contestants deep/well to judge. it's just a TV show and i'm sure its clear that angeline is a liar. she herself admitted to the corporate leader peter pek that she lied. instead of us judging her, she clearly judged herself. right choice to terminate her. anyway, she wasn't a likable tv personality. in fact, she's someone people love to hate.

Keng Teck said...

Hi all,
Well, both of you are right. It is very different in a TV show compared to real life business. In the show, we need to win every task. THus, the thinking behind are very short term compred to real business, we need to think ahead of future impact on our image and sustainability of the business.

I just hope that audience will be able to appreciate the lessons learned from the show on top of being entertained by the dramatic scenes.

Anonymous said...

To Mr/Ms anonymous, you clearly hate the contestant Angeline huh?Hmmmm..your choice of words, wah lau...liar lah, not likeable tv personality lah, right to terminate lah...full of hatred instead of justified judgement. Not fair to judge others when you are not near perfect also right??? How come you never comment about other contestant huh? Or do you think you are better off be one of the contestant in the show? maybe you are TRUTHFUL, LIKEABLE PERSONALITY AND ABOVE ALL, TOO PERFECT TO BE TERMINATED I wonder?? If she's someone that people love to hate, how come I dont feel so and so are the rest of my colleagues, right up to my big bosses? I think it is Dr Jahar that people love to hate but still stays in the show! He said he has PHD but talks like a SPM holder, or the tall guy who commented too much about his team mates (mostly are bad ones), Joey or Joel is it?
To kengteck, you are one of our favourite..I seriously think if Angeline stays instead of Jahar, the show is more fun to watch..more drama than slapstick comedy! hahahaha...

Anonymous said...

I watched The Firm in episode one and I think there is a loophole in the termination process. What is ethics? In business world these days, ethics is hardly used, while it is still practised, ideally the business world is a dog eat dog world! Someone has to think out of the norm/box to achieve something, or even to win at certain point of the event. I have met many successful businessmen in my line of duty who confessed that they too can't be too ethical in business approach these days, simply because competition is getting too tough out there. Mind you, some super rich tycoon is vicious, manipulator and they cheat too. But that's life! Even worst in corporate world. You just have to do what it takes to survive. Peter Pek should fire the "cause" of the failure instead of looking at one silly mistake the other contestant did - she simply have to do what she has to do to WIN. He should fire Dr Jahar - for failing to prove himself as a leader or one with the calibre of a PHD holder, Joel - for bringing in the 40 tourist into the premise of Fitness First - not relevant to objective of task. But instead, this two stays until today. I prefer Mr Chan Boon Yong way of evaluating his team members, he probes at matters better than Mr Pek.

- Owner of successful chain of restaurants -

Anonymous said...

Anonymous cakap Angeline not likeable TV personality??? Tak patut....ish..ish..macamlah dia kenal sangat kat Angeline tu. How do you know she wont be a likeable personality? Are you saying yang lain lain kat The FIRM tu more likeable? Nak cakap orang tu, guna otak sikit oi!


Anonymous said...

Nie nak komen sikit...

"she wasn't a likable tv personality. in fact, she's someone people love to hate.."

Ini komen yang paling kelakar dan take munasabah langsung le..kenapa? sebab:

1) Likeable or not likeable, the viewers will most likely ingat orang yang tak likeable ni. Yang menghairankan, contestant Angeline tu baru masuk epsiode 1 dah kena label by anonymous ni as "not likeable TV personality" did/she know? based on satu task je dah label orang? Lainlah kalau dalam episode seterusnya. To label someone or make assumption in the beginning part on the character of a person is not fair. Dont judge a book by its cover lah brader!...

2) I know a number of not so likeable person yang famous but still ada orang like and admire..contohnya, Paris Hilton, walaupun kat TV dia ni nampak sikit airhead doesnt mean dia ni bodoh, or Carolyn Kepcher (Orang kanan Trump) - dia ni mulut laser sikit kat TV but doesnt mean she's a mean boss..yang penting, what we see on TV doesnt necessarily portray yang orang tu memang penipu pada zahirnya. Example, Dr Jahar...nampak innocent, tapi bad news about him dah keluar. So what does it tell you? Air tenang jangan sangka tiada buaya. It will be sometime till we find out the rest of the contestant punya bad behaviour...

3) Etika carries a subjective meaning. Yang setahu akulah...etika paling melampau would be cheating company money and information, manipulating your colleagues for own selfish reason and cheating society..Contestant Angeline cuma naive sikit, bagitau orang yang there's a TV show going on and her team desperately need numbers, that doesnt mean she's cheating? She's merely telling the truth due to time constraints and incompetent leader. Dia cuma thinking out of the box nak pancing orang, dia guna taktik 'pull to sell'..kalau bab phone call dia ngan Joel tu...I tak nampak pun. I dengar si Dr Jahar and Joel dok tanya kat dia, tapi apa bukti kukuh yang Joel ada to convince Jahar and Peter Pek? His words against the fact??? They rather take HIS words than seeing facts. So this shows Jahar and Peter buta buta percaya kat budak Joel tu...why? cubalah engkorang nilai sendiri...

Whatever that we see on TV is just the surface only bukannya the truth, if not why on earth they call it show kan? So to all of you out there...I think si anonymous ni tak fikir panjang sebelum meluahkan perasaan dia...hentam je nak kutuk orang..ada personal agenda kot??

- Tengku JD -

Anonymous said...

Hey people! Let's talk about other contestatnt pula..kita tinggalkan anonymous yang fikiran sempit tu. Kalau dia rasa dia lah paling betul, apasal tak masuk bertanding kat The Firm?? Boleh jugak dia tunjukkan version dia of telling the truth, ethics, good behaviour..etc. Let's talk about Jahar yang dikatakan penipu besar, Joel yang suka putar belit harap muka hensem, Lin yang take so long to decide ke, Ivan yang tak ada team work ke, Khai yang too eager to please everybody ke...or even 2 orang team leader diorang tu. Who are they?? I didnt know who they are until I watch the show, cubalah NTV7 ambil Tony fernandez ke...Datuk Jamaluddin of Maxis ke...these are the real corporate leaders!

AzWAleeza Walid

Keng Teck said...

Great to see more people actually stsrt contributing!
Can i request for all to comment by choosing an identity , place your name or nick name insted of using the name Anonymous?

Terlalu banyak anonymous kat sikit. Sometimes confuse who is who!


Anonymous said...

Mr Kengteck

U can check anonymous names kat bawah dah..kita orang mana ada blog nak leave identiti..

Tengku JD

Keng Teck said...

OK! tapi bukan semua pandai macam you ! anonymous pertama dan kedua tak tulis!

Well, what ever!

Why not anyone commented on the other episodes? all of you have not watch it or the episodes are not as interesting as the 1st one?

Anonymous said...

OK..all member2 kat blog ni...

Let's comment about the rest of the contestant...Mr kengteck, why dont you start first? What do you think?


Keng Teck said...

Ok! sure freeman! what i will do is to comment on each episode in this blog according to the analysis.

Then all of you join in! ok?

So start from now, we will give comment in the blog for each episode!

keng teck said...

Oh yeah! it is easier for you all to choose an identity as "other" and put down your nickname for easier identification.

Wendy May said...

Finally! Found this blog!

Glad to see Dr Jahar leave last night. Why on earth is he still there till last night's episode?The show is not a platform for him to 'learn' all the basics and all there is to know about business world! Get Real! the show is about finding the real leader, the one with integrity not the one that manipulates.

I am starting to feel dissapointed with the show. All I see is backstabbers, bad mouthing and...the girls, why so soft?? Crying is a new game weapon?

Dr Jahar should just stick to lecturing. I wouldnt want to be his student after watching his performance.

BIZSPHERE Brand & Marketing Services said...

Hi Wendy,

THere is discussion for each episode of the firm here. Please get your friends to ocmment too. It is always great to have different view points.

Anrie 2 said...

Hi Wendy, everyone and all,

Thank you for being so attentive towards the reasons for production of "The Firm" and being so involved. It's understood why you should feel so passionate about the "badmouthing, backstabbing etc.." With all honesty, I would too, after being purely an audience myself for the past episodes.

But take a step back and look at it truly. That's how it is in the real world of business. I mean, we'd disagree due to the fact that it happens so often around us that it integrates as part of our routine. That one look you gave to another when your boss demands for something unreasonable. Or when your colleague casually mentions how you are a little behind with the sales report. Now take those everyday scenes and put them together, highlighting ONLY the parts where you/they are making the negative remarks-suddenly the casual off head remark becomes dramatic. That in a really tiny nutshell is how it works.

So, honestly, there were no deliberate backstabbing and badmouthing, it's just a natural workplace phenomenon that seems to be an essential ingredient to help make a show works. It's an ironic world we live in, ain't it?

And the crying? Admittedly, it's not something to take pride on. I could hit myself, for doing it on national telly, when in reality, I don't even do it in the presence more than two - myself included. BUT all of us, were working in a very stressfull environment, under very restricted regulations and timeline,topped with cameras that captures EVERY SINGLE action/reaction suffaced. The pressure, lightly put, is immense. Hence, if we fail to achieve the results desired, the disappointment comes more than just a slap, it feels like a catastrophe.

So do forgive us for the acts that you deem inappropriate and uncalled for. But realise that we are at the end of the day, your everyday you and me trying our hardest with what we deemed to be best, to help prove that we are worthy.

I am not in any way demaning your opinions, I sure hope I didn't, cause that would means, I am demeaning your passion. Because, at the end of the day, it is also our choice to be part of this programme. Hence, having to accept being under this form of scrutiny.

Whether you love us or hate us, Thank you for being a part of "The Firm".



Wendy May said...

Hey Anrie!

Thanks for the comments. I can sense that you are a good person at heart. Yes, I do believe that you all DID try your very best to perform..but there are reasons as to why some of you are terminated doesnt make sense. I am not sure if the 2 leaders really see the whole picture or just terminate people for the sake of show.

I follow the show every sunday, and the whole family is naturally their comments are the same too. My parents are in the corporate world before they retire and I myself too work for an MNC company - what happened in The Firm is not 100% happening in the real world.

Sometimes we just have to think out of the box to make things work. Manipulation is not healthy, bad mouthing is the same too. The show should prove that in the corporate world, the weaker link should go and only the tough should do we measure weaknesses? By tasks that one has performed, is this person a liability to the team? (Dr Jahar case) or weak decision maker? (Lin case).

I will continue to watch the show till the end as I would like to see what else this show has to offer to the audience..we want real reality show, not just the drama..

To all contestants..I wish you all the best (even if you are terminated), being part of the show is definitely not easy - each of you have something extra to give which is why you guys are in the show. Being terminated doesnt mean you guys are hopeless :-) (except some that I mentioned earlier).

anrie 2 said...

Hey Wendy,

Point taken. No denying that the show is a little dramatised. But it might be part of the charm TV, where drama makes entertaining TV, I suppose?

Well, no matter, I do agree with what you've said, the show should prove that weaker-links deserve to leave and the tough stays. As for the method of measurement? Well, maybe the show could serve as an experimental platform for discovery.

But, thank you for your continuous support. It's a great comfort to know that our participation makes a difference.

Yap Keng Teck said...

I am so happy that every one is pouring out their thoughts and feelings.

That makes us feel worthwhile participating in the show.

Hey! why no one is commenting on Burger King's task?

For those who wants to know insights of the past episodes, i mgiht be able to share some! hhehehee

Wendy May said...

Yap Keng Teck

The tasks itself are merely tasks that you need to perform, just like in the real corporate world where we take on diff assignments. It all depends as to how you execute it, who contribute less and who contribute more in your team and the outcome.

What I enjoy watching is the human relation element in the show and valid reasons as why one is terminated. Like I said not everyone in the show is terminated fairly. For example, Anrie volunteered to leave the show due to failure is a noble thing to do (that's why I dont understand WHY ON EARTH Dr Jahar DID NOT volunteer to leave in 1st episode!) but I think she's not weak. She rather let Lin stayed, when Lin contributed less than the other two fellas. Angeline should not be terminated due to 'ethic' issue as ethic to me in her case is vague. She should be given second chance to prove herself on 2nd episode, if she's still the same way then I would agree the move made by the corporate leader. His decision to keep Dr Jahar just doesnt make sense at all. Perhaps all for show?? My family too find the move peculiar. Carmen's attitude towards you during Gillette task proves that she is rather an emotional person, she probably the type that seemed bubbly on the outside but deep inside she's up to something. And when something hits her, she became uncontrollable thus becoming emotional. Lin came across to me as 'slow'. While she adamantly say that she has her own style when making decision, it proves that she cant make QUICK and URGENT decision when theres a life threatening situation for she is...slow!

Ernie is very dominant yes, perhaps he is a true blue business man who dont put up with nonsense and is very hands on that he sometimes do everything himself. This is an example of a good leader, he may seemed ruthless or cold at times, but he didnt sit still to get things done.

Joel to me is quiet at first, but beneath the good look he possess a manipulative character that can fool almost anyone around him. Salute him for being a smooth talker. You dont know if he's being sincerely nice to you or not! He is very creative with his words that people will believe anything he said (take his team members who supports his idea everytime, and the termination case of Angeline). The team didnt realize that they have simply given away the 'power' to Joel since day one. He must be careful with this attitude, else it will burn him at the end of the day. I believe the saying what goes around, come around.

Ivan is a salesman to the core! They way he think and talk reflects this.

And Keng Teck, you are organized in a way buy easily swayed by your team member like Joel. You should be firm with your decision and I must say, you have practised this effectively in the Gillette task even if you didnt win. You must also be a good judge of character. People that you can relate with doesn't necessarily means they can be your friend or can support you in times of trouble.

Wow! while writing colleagues thinkI should be a show analyst. But then again, you guys ask for it. As a viewer, I am more than happy to comment. But if some cannot take it, too bad. Each of us sees things differently. I can confidently say that my analysis is seldom incorrect :-)

Adios!..goin off on a three day break..but will definitely catch up on THE FIRM.

Yap Keng Teck said...

Hi Wendy!

I am happy and impressed for what you have written by you (a long one! hahaha). Totally agree with you that if someone can't take comments or criticism, too bad! Then, he or she should not visit any blog at all!

Let me respond to your analysis from my perspective as a contestant and an audience. Hope i can be objective enough! Here goes!!

The show and the task
The tasks given was truly challenging where limited budget (you won't believe how much they given us to organise an event!)and a few days to execute it. Msot of the time, such task in the real world would need at least weeks or months for proper planning. For those that think that the contestant done a bad job in a task, think again! think of the resources and pressure.

The show is a 45 minutes edited version of almost 5 hours of recording. Just wonder how much you have not seen in terms of what really happens. What has been screened is surely "Reality" but a reality that the producer wants you to watch and stay on watching for every episodes. After all, whats sells best? Gossip and Drama!

Angeline vs Jahar!
In episode 1, angeline did call Joel. She admited it in the show and admitted it to us as well. The question is whether is she really joking or not? Has she been unfairly terminated? Can't answer but consider this. What she has committed is ethical issue. This is national TV. No TV station should promote or support any moves that link to unethical activities. It is an issue that is more severe that ones capabilities to lead. Adding on to that, by keeping Jahar, it would be a real test to the rest of Dynamic team member to manage the weakest link. Of course it will make the show more interesting too (from a perspective of an audience).

A person who is emotional or with lots of emotion? I am not sure i am correct here but i think closely knitted relationship and ability to click is very important to Carmen in personal life as well as in work place. That is why she was so sad when joel left the team. As what she had said, feel like losing one arm! In real life, Carmen is a very expressive person. when she is happy, she can be real crazy but as you know when sad, will be a cry baby. But when she is serious, wow! she can really talk and present herself as an iron lady in a corporate world. Don't play play!!
Anrie certainly is one of the strongest contestant among the girls. It is her mistake to volunteer despite noble. It is the biggest lesson she has learned. I will let Anrie to elaborate on that.

Lin from the start of the show till elimination has already expressed her intention to join "The Firm". She is here to learn. When you are here to learn, definitely you are slower cost you need to proces what you learn before you can contribute and perform.

A very capable businessman who knows how to get things done and has seen the real business world. Very confident but just a borderline to over confident. Many people would not like his guts unless you really know him as a person. You are right about him actually. He got no time for any nonsense. Quote by Keng Teck : Who says a leader needs to make you happy? a leader is to maximise the strengths and managed the weaknesses of his followers to achieve the set objectives.

The smooth operator. You are right to say that he has some manipulative character (in negative sense) but in positive note, he is a person with charisma that able to influence people's mind and impulse. THose who like him will say that he has charisma those who doesn't will say he is manipulative. He knows his way to get his ideas through. That is why i had difficult time managing and working with him. From Fitness First to Silky Girl, i am the one that always have disagreement with him. Still remember the Nestle episode? my ending phrase of "Gao Dim" in the brainstorming session. It is just a classic! hahahah. Having said that, it is always good to have a team member who is very diffrent from you even in a real organisation. Such combination will allow your ideas to be more firm. To hire a staff, better hire someone who has different perspetive from you. I think the differences among team members in Team dynamic brought us to 3 consecutive wins!

The salesman of the show. I think the word selling is in each and everyone of his nerves systems. Other than that nothing much we can talk about as he did not create any major drama in the show. Not like Keng Teck, every time also got something to say! (most of the time offended his team member)hhhehee

Keng Teck
Me! swayed away by Joel? I have to disagree. Tell me one thing. Other than Mr. Keng Teck, who has disagree with Joel's suggestions or ideas. Who has really tell him that he is wrong in front of his face? Frankly, i know myself much better after the show.
1) I am not as friendly as i thot when it deals with business
2) I am quite good in strategy. Framing up ideas together and to present it
3) Needs improvement on creativity
4) Still talking like a china ah pek (but i have to say that i have improved a lot since then. After numerous interviews in the show - you should have listen to my interview with flyfm on monday evening)
5)Still able to stay objective. Differentiating tasks and work with emotional human relations.
If you have noticed any more weaknesses, please point it out. i am a believer of "life long learning" no matter how successful we are.

oh Yeah! what about Khai? You have forgotten about Khai!
Wendy, i will let you comment before i reply on that.

I hope that i have do you justice for spending your time, writing long comments in this blog. Looking forward for more thots from you.

As for the rest of "The Firm" contestant, don't be angry with me if what i say about you is not what you think you are. As i mentioned, i am writing this as an audience and as a contestant. If you think that i have said something wrong, then reply and have your say!

Again, this is merely discussion and not to find fault on any person. I believe that constructive comments can only make a person better!!

Wowwww!! very long! longer than Wendy's! hahahaha

Yap Keng Teck said...

Quote Keng TEck "The show is a 45 minutes edited version of almost 5 hours of recording".

My apologies. The correct figure is supposed to be "The show is a 45 minutes edited version of almost 50 hours of recording".

If only NTV7 offer more airtime, than you will see more !!

Angeline C said...

Hi there Wendy

Thanks so much for watching and commenting about the show. It makes a lot of difference to us, the contestants, because of the hours that we have spent to put up with the shoot/executing tasks, etc.

And thank you for believing that I should be given a second chance to prove myself in the show. Truly appreciate your comments.

I would like to comment on Keng Teck's comment (see below):

"In episode 1, angeline did call Joel. She admited it in the show and admitted it to us as well."

ANS: For your kind info, Dr Jahar has been invited by one of the member from the opposite team to come to their event at Menara Axis and he did told me that. Perhaps it was open invitation by them to our team and to me, I view this as an opportunity to see how other team does this. A lot of competing companies in the market are doing this. Whenever there are an invitation, they send their rep to check how their competitor is doing and vice versa. This is to me not unethical because every business does this, it's not personal, it's business. Of course, at that time, I didnt know that we are not allowed to go to other team's event. And I also heard the same team member from other team did ask if they can come to our event and ask our producer, and of course the answer is NO. Yes, I admitted in the boardroom because I do not want to lie. Anyone who knows me really really well knows how competitive I can be and those who work with me knew that I will never lie about any fact nor manipulate just to win. I believe that if you are talented at what you do and believe in what you can achieve, there's nothing stopping you. I probably didnt fight very hard to state my fact on that day due to my pregnancy (surprise! - I didnt expect that I was already pregnant even before the shooting starts) because I realize it's either I stay put to continue and jeopardize my pregnancy (early trimester) or just leave and focus on my newfound joy. When I was terminated, of course I felt unfair that I can actually do more but at same time, I felt relieved because I knew I have made the right choice.

" The question is whether is she really joking or not? Has she been unfairly terminated? Can't answer but consider this."

ANS: It really baffles me to think how a simple joke (with giggles), a communication which lasted less than 60 seconds can be twisted and turned to make it look like I'm the bad egg. Seriously, I joke about anything to anyone. Those with the same humour as I am will not take me seriously. Sadly, there's no chemistry between me and Joel, and it's very 'careless' of me to assume that he can take crazy jokes. Well, he doesn't. It is really up to him if he really wants to take it seriously or not and do it. If not, then to me, I would just forget it and move on. I will not dwell on a joke and use it against others to save myself. I view that one's action is more important and create more impact that contributes to the success and failure of a task rather than looking at a joke as a 'main' factor that leads a team to lose. But perhaps Joel sees it differently, and I am again careless to assume that every word that I say could be used against me (For one moment I forgot that he is not in my 'team', he is there as a ontestant who wants to WIN) by anyone.

" she has committed is ethical issue. This is national TV. No TV station should promote or support any moves that link to unethical activities. It is an issue that is more severe that ones capabilities to lead."

ANS: I beg to differ. There are many movies, TV shows that shows the unethical side of doing things eg: personal relationship, business, career. If you watch The Apprentice, there are top notch candidates does this too. And whether what they do is right or wrong, its up to the viewer to decide. There's no 100% wrong in doing things unethically, depending on the situation or the current state of event at that time. If a father confidently tell his daughter that he will get her a set of colour pencil knowing to motivate her to study hard eventhough he knows he dont have enough money to buy one, is this unethical? What is the father takes up an extra job so that he can fulfil his promise to his little girl? What I did was to entice the potential customer to come check out our event by saying something that I thought could help my team to win due to time constraints. I did it simply because its a strategy to win them over. At that time, despite how confident we are with our location, not many people come to our event. I was only told later that I should NOT have said this in front of National TV..Hmmmm....But ultimately, the reason WHY we lost in task 1 is NOT because of what I did. My team knew how hard I worked and how much I have contributed. The reason? I am sure you can figure out why....hehehe...

"Adding on to that, by keeping Jahar, it would be a real test to the rest of Dynamic team member to manage the weakest link. Of course it will make the show more interesting too (from a perspective of an audience).."

ANS: Right and wrong here. The show is right to keep Jahar to test the team on how to manage the weakest link and adds 'flavour' to entice viewers to watch, but those who evaluate the show definitely wants to see tough people compete with one another (to be fair) to see who will outdo and outlast the other.

Well, I hope you are happy with my lengthy explanation and to others, do not speculate further as to why things happened when they had already happened. Now that the truth is known, let us move on :-)

Do comment on other tasks and team members so that they will know their strengths and weaknesses. They are all equally capable too! :-)

Wendy May said...

Hey Yap Keng Teck and Angeline,

I was in my aunt's house when I check my email and saw your responses.

Keng Teck, Thanks for the details about each contestants. Its a refreshing info! I gathered that you really can describe those you click with really well than those you don't. I am surprised that you still think what Angeline did is wrong, when THE FACT is that the failure in task 1 is merely Jahar's fault. Does everyone in the team click really well? Frankly I would rather keep Angeline to see how far/effective she can contribute in Task 2 (The Firm is all about finding the one that can lead right??) rather than manage a weak staff in my team. Maybe it's my nature to give people a chance to prove themself despite small but forgiveable mistake/error. Sorry, for this show, I dont think it's right for Jahar to take it as a 'learning process' for him to learn/study/improve since he clearly know nothing about corporate world. Zilch.

I am sure everyone in The Firm too have their good and bad qualities as we get to know them in person but remember this is a show to prove one's capabilities, not finding who is more popular and likeable.

I can see that you dont mind taking criticism to improve yourself, but at the same time, your replies can sometimes be defensive too :-) Try to be humble and accept it becuase sometimes you dont see your faults clearly as others would..I am sure you are one potentially successful person in future :-) and I enjoyed seeing you arguing your facts with Joel.

In reality, I do not think I would like Joel in person. As a casual friend yes, not because I dont know him well to judge but simply on how he manipulates situation to win in the show, he seemed very intimidating - almost like trying too hard and not be himself. If he can do that in a show, he can also do that in real business, friendship..etc.


CONGRATULATIONS on your newfound joy! You concealed your pregnancy really well that when I remembered how I watched you performed in the show, I realized you should not be taking part in the show at all! Your baby is more important!

By the way, you have a positive mind about the whole process and I am sure in person you can be as easy going as everyone as described by Keng Teck. If I am not mistaken, did you write a book? on animals..or something? If you are, I dont think you are what they portray you on do a noble thing like what you did shows that you are not a bad person, maybe too naive to believe that everyone is 'nice'. Try not to trust people simply and be aware of those around you.

Okay..gotta go pick up my niece from school! I will write again people! :-)

anrie 2 said...

Wow, this is almost feels like a self-defending platform for the contestants, huh?

I have not and refuse to comment on the issue regarding Angeline's termination, simply because I wasn't present and feel a little inapropriate knowing that I know enough to not be completely impartial. Hence, I shall not part my two cents.

As for my own case. Well, thank you Wendy for believing that I am not as weak as some might assume. Because, well, as some like Keng Teck might think, that I'd "made a mistake". (But no need-la be so harsh, a-pa...) *laugh*

I mean, to some, it might be the most inane thing to do. But for me, well, blame it on my parents or even all of the Mafia film I'd watched, but I grew up with this naive sense of 'Justice for everyone', a sense of righteousness even!

To where I was raised to believe that everyone deserve a fair chance - in this case - to prove themselves. Like said, if I had blatantly point fingers towards any other way, would it seems fair for any other to depart?

Yes, in retrospect I could've or probably should've handled the situation a little differently, but at that time, as the leader, burdening the responsibility just felt like the right thing to do. So I did it.

I might not be perceived as the toughest one in the league right now, but heck, I live and I learn. Most important of all I sleep well at night knowing I did what I did.

But that's just me. *smile*


Wendy May said...

Hey Anrie,

You are back!

You are truly one positive contestant, and I am glad you are sensitive not to comment about others that you dont know much about. It's better to remain neutral than to assume :-)..Keep up that way, do not judge until you know that person or situation well enough to comment.

I wish you the best from the bottom of my heart and I hope to see you rise up someday - you are still young (saw your stats in NTV7), plenty of room for improvisation and perfection.

To the rest of the The Firm contestants, believe that you guys ARE the best, otherwise you guys wont end up as contestants in the show. Imagine, only 10 of you have been pick from the sea of applications and that really means something!

Yap Keng Teck said...

Hey! i am getting to like the conversation here !!

Keep it up girls! hmmm! where are the guys????

As what Angeline mentioned, don't forget that there are evaluation on other episodes too.

Wendy! can i know what is your profession?

wendy may said...

Keng Teck

I am a VP-Marketing for an MNC co somewhere in KL. Dont ask me which co, cant reveal too much *sorry*.

Last nite's show is somewhat dissapointing, I didnt see Carmen's energy. And when two ladies said you should go, why didn't you defend yourself? and instead said no one should leave?

I am beginning to wonder if this show is really about looking for a leader among the candidates...too many dramas, defeating the purpose and objective of the show.

Yap Keng Teck said...

Hi Wendy,

Cool! we are in the same line.

Last night, Team dynamic should not even be called back to the board room. We think it is unfair for the winning team to be back.

Defending myself? Yes I did by telling Peter what have i done to contribute to the team, all the extra mile i went for and the mistake done in the game is not the main reason we were brought back. It is very important for me to clarify the situation.

I still don't think anyone should be terminated. Yes, both of them pointing on me which i can see it coming when they were pressured by Peter. For me, sometimes we have to have our own stance. We cannot be weak. We need to defend ourselves but not neccessary to find someone to be punished just becsasue we are pressured to do so.

a little note: actually i can't remember whether i got name anyone. maybe the editor cut it off? hhaha

Wendy May said...

Well said Keng Teck

So, can I assume you to be the winner *wink*?

I believe that you can make it in the real corporate world even if you did not join this show. Have faith! Sometimes the path seems too long nor full of obstacles, we bound to meet manipulative, smooth talking or even self centered people - they can look innocent too. Be wise and alert to detect them.

Keng Teck - as vocal as you can be, you need to listen more sometimes and sensitive to other people's feeling. Even if you dont really like that person, be nice
:-) Nevertheless, you are a go-getter and are good with conceptualizing ideas.

Anrie - Energetic. You have a long way to go and I am sure you can make it. Have an open mind to learn with people of different backgrounds, regardless of who they are. Every mistakes/flaws along the way, view it positively as an 'extra' knowledge.

Angeline - be alert of people around you. You can be straightforward at times and some people may take this as an opportunity to put you down. It's human nature. You are a natural risk taker/fighter which is crucial in the business world. A team player and will take it to extra mile if given a in other tasks.

Lin - don't think too long or hard to decide on a simple matter. In business, sometimes you just need to decide in the spur of the moment. Dont condemn a person because he/she is dominant - you will be surprised how much you can learn from that person. You are loyal and meticulous.

Khai - You came across as a people person but better be a team player than a leader. I hope the show will teach you to be better in everything that you do.

Dr Jahar - Your MBA/PHD is not a guarantee ticket to prove to that you are much better than the rest of the candidates. It is NOT enough to help you stay afloat in the business world. You lack of the skills and exposures they all have - and you clearly know that. Defending yourself in episode 1 proved how weak you are in terms of acknowledging the fact. The show is about finding a leader and its all about business, not a free tuition class for you to study what business is all about.

Ivan - You need to be a team player, listen more and learn to be more adaptable. You are a good supporter and competitor, can be vocal at times.

Carmen - You can be emotional at times - it shows the soft side of you. But in business sometimes you just need to be tough and be confident that your idea works. Relying on other people's ideas may not necessary be a good thing to do. Trust your instincts and be bold if you have to.

I am sure everyone that has been terminated in The Firm are people who are successful in their own rights, each have strengths and weaknesses depite the 'flaws' that we all have seen, it doesnt mean it refects the true identity of that person.

I just hope that the show could be more 'fair' and true to its purpose and objective - that is to find a leader. Not to compare with similar show (like The Apprentice), but The Firm contains more drama element (I guess that's why they keep Dr Jahar, focussed on Lin & Carmen's crying) that not many viewers expect to see. If we want drama, we might as well watch drama movies. This is a reality show, should be real enough to show what proper corporate world/environment is all about. Real corporate world doesnt necessarily mean back stabbing, manipulating or even the word ethic is very subjective depending on how severe it will cost the company.

I must say that all those who has been terminated had taken the termination bravely, and I am sure they are all capable people who can take it on withor without the show.

I may not be the perfect judge of characters of everyone, but I truly believe that I can look forward to see those who have been terminated rise up someday to become who's who in the society.