Sunday, July 29, 2007

Voting for "Who will be the Winner of THE FIRM?"

A notice to all!

As Anrie was brought back into the challenge, it is only fair to include her name as one of the potential candidate to be the winner of The Firm. Thus, we need to change the names.
Nevertheless, no chances is allowed to the poll as it has already been voted (according to blogspot).

By no choice, we have deleted the old one and replace it with a new one with Anrie's name.

For those who voted before. Thousands apologies.
As of this morning the votes for "who will be the winner of the firm?" is as follows :
Joel 8
Ernie 5
Keng Teck 2
Ivan 0
Carmen 0
Total 15 votes

The Firm - Episode 6 (INTEL CORE 2 DUO)

Last week, we had a surprise where Joel has been transferred to Team Momentum. This week, we have another surprise. Team momentum with only Carmen and Keng Teck left, will be able to choose one terminated team member back into the challenge. Lucky for Keng Teck as he is not in good terms with Carmen since the last 2 episodes. Now let us observe what actually happens in this episode.

The Task
To introduce and to sell as many units of INTEL Core 2 Duo Processor in a designated retail outlet at Plaza Low Yat , Kuala Lumpur. The Team with highest number /units of INTEL Core 2 Duo Wins the task.

Observation : Team Dynamic
Team Dynamic was given a chance to choose a terminated team member back. Anrie whom has been terminated in the 3rd task (Burger King) was brought back to the challenge. Why Anrie? Have they made the right choice? Wouldn't it be wiser to choose an ex Team Dynamic ie Angeline?

In the brainstorming session, Anrie being a new member has contributed a lot of ideas while Keng Teck still as himself giving a lot of deep thoughts. Carmen again was relying very much on her team members idea.

Team Dynamic found out that ThunderMatch was going to organise their opening ceremony. Yahoo! much can be capitlaised on espeically the on-going promotion to pull the crowd in. Their key ideas were going around Low Yat to stick core 2 duo stickers on shoppers, a throw and win game that relates to core 2 duo, offer incentive to staff to sell as much as possible, basic deco and video on Intel Core 2 Duo. Have they done enough? Have they done it well? Was it effective? Did they win beccause of the opneing ceremony or is their effort to bring in higher sales?

Team Dynamic won the challenge but was called back to the boardroom as Peter thinks that they have done a bad job. Among issues brought up were lack of branding, too dependent on the retailer, the game was unpresentable and not much education on Intel core 2 duo. Both Anrie and Carmen pointed at Keng Teck as the one should be eliminated due to the game. Keng Teck fought back with justification that he contributed a lot if not the most and have gone the extra mile to promote Intel core 2 duo and sell some units as well. When asked who should be terminated, Keng Teck maintained that no one should be. Lucky for him, Peter spared all of them with a firm warning! Should anyone of them be terminated? who should be? Is it fair for the 2 girls to get Keng Teck out?

Observation : Team Momentum
Joel got his chance to be a team leader in Team Momentum. They might have thought that they had an advantage but Team Dynamic got themselves antoher creative Team member , Anrie. In addition to that, Team momentum especially Joel was very angry and things that the task given was not fair as Team Dynamic has an advantage given that the retailer has an opening ceremony with many promotions going on despite that it is on the 4th floor. Team momentum got their ALL IT HYPERMART on the 3rd floor. So do you think that it is an unfair task?

In the brainstorming session, Joel was trying very hard to dig into Ivan's mind for creative sales strategy. however not much was contributed. Surprisingly, Ernie was very quiet in this task. Wonder why? Ohh yes, Joel suggested promoters, where are the promoters?

Things weren't going so well when they meet the retailer. Joel found that Ivan was little bit pushy and using the wrong way to communicate. Really? missed that part actually! Waht exactly happen? anyone can share? Maybe Ivan himself can explain!

On task day, Team momentum was all charged up! Ernie again with the microphone drawing crowd (reminds me of The Big Raja, Burger King task). Ivan and Joel was trying to sell. Some of their strategies were low price packages, buy now and get rebate of RM 50, buntings to highlight the event and were they educating customers on Intel Core 2 duo?

Boon Yong caught Ivan in action during his sales. He was having problem serving a customer. But he is supposed to be the King of Sales! So what happen here?

In the boardroom, it was an easy decision for Boon Yong. Joel again came out with creative way in promoting sales, Ernie was the most hardworking one and of course maximising his LOUD voice. Who's left? Ivan. Does Ivan deserve to be terminated? If not him, who should be?

Note from Blog owner :
My apologies for not being to give you every detail as I was watching it in my friend's house with the presence of some of his guest. Can't really focus. Thus, missed out some scene. All is welcome to tell us what did i missed out!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Who is your favorite contestant in "The Firm"

Just added polling system in this blog.

From now on, everyone can :

Vote for : Who's your favorite contestant in THE FIRM?

Vote for : Who will be terminated in the next episode?

Vote for : Who will be the winner of "The Firm"?

Vote now!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Firm - Episode 5 (Gillette)

The Task
To enhance Gillette website. Both team will be expected to enhance the website to engage with online users. At the same time, will need to convey Gilltte's brand message of look good and feel good. The team with the most creative and engaging website wins!

Observation : Team Dynamic
Keng Teck was selected to be a team leader again. There was a twist in this episode where Team momentum got to choose a member from Team Dynamic to join them. Ivan & Ernie chosed Joel (why do they choose Joel?We know why they did not choose Jahar!).

Carmen was tremendously sad when Joel left the team. Can't contribute much nor can she be focused and contributing as much as she should have be. (Why is this happening ? Not contributing because of Joel or because that Keng Teck was fighting against her last task and this is the time for revenge?)

Keng Teck had a different leadership style this time. Not as firm as before and claimed to be not that focus by Peter. Jahar not satisfied with Keng Teck leadership whilst Carmen don't like him as a person. (So, what happen here? Keng Teck changed or weak or too tired after so many arguments in previoius tasks?. Also, does Jahar and carmen's comment justified?)

The team's idea was not that creative. Joel's absence might be contributed to that but Keng Teck was taking the safe move as he might have known that he can't compete with Joel's young an dynamic creativity?

Team Dynamic lost the task. All back in board room. This time, Keng Teck has turned the odds. Being a team leader for lossing team and was not eliminated. In addition, he was excused and left Jahar and Carmen to fight for their rights to stay in The Firm. (Did Peter make the right choice not even to get Keng Teck into the bottom 2? Do you think that Keng Teck should be eliminated? why?). Carmen was targetted because of being emotional and have not gave herbest to her team. Jahar has been noticed that he has not contributed much since task 1. At the end, Jahar was eliminated. (again, should Jahar or Carmen go?why ?)

Observation : Team Momentum
Ivan finally was chosen to be the team leader. Nevertheless, it was Ernie and Joel that were running the show. Be it ideas or execution, both of them contributed much more than Ivan. (Has Ivan able to show his leadership?) .

Come on! let us here from you! what do you think?

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Firm - Episode 4 (Silky Girl)

Watch it Online here!

The Task
To produce a magazine supplement for Silky Girl. The team that produce the most creative magazine supplement wins!

Observation : Team Dynamic
Carmen was the team leader. She was having hard time to bring out of ideas as well as unable to convince the team why she does not like the story telling idea. But at the end, she accepted it. Being the only female, she was also having hard time to manage the 3 vocal guys especially Keng Teck and Joel.
In the preparation stage, Carmen briefed the photographer on the magazine supplement concept and wanted lots of different post. It was surprising to the guys as it was not communicated during the brainstorming.
At the end, all have to think of a new concept. Carmen was taken the lead from Joel most of the time and to some extend ignored the presence of Keng Teck and Jahar.
Joel was the Art Director responsible for the shooting whilst Carmen to decide on which photo to take. Both have disagreement and Carmen wishes so much for Joel to just accept her decision and not maintaining on his own. Dr. Jahar seems like flirting with the girls. It was funny to see how he looks after she saw one of the model bend down to collect something. hahahha.

Discussion :
Was Carmen a good team leader? why?
What makes Team Dynamic win?

Observation : Team Momentum
Lin was the team leader. The star of this episode were Lin and Ernie. Ivan did not appear or do much. Lin was taking slightly longer time than expected to make decision whilst Ernie with bags of ideas and can't wait to for decision to be made. Their supplement was generic with much technical inputs. Even the photographer says that it was boring.
Ernie was the Art Director trying to bring the concept to life but the result was not good enough for Silky Girl.

In the boardroom, when asked by Boon Yong who contributed the least, Lin says Ernie instead of Ivan. Ernie might not have done well in directing the creative but certainly not the least contributing team member. At the end, Lin was terminated !

Discussion :
Do you think Lin is the right team member to be terminated? if not who?
Do you think that Lin made the right decision to go head on with Ernie instead of Ivan?
Was Ernie to be blamed for the defeat since most of the ideas and art direction are from him?

What say you? Lets discuss now!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Firm - Episode 3 (Burger King)

The Task

To create a new value meal for Burger King. The teams can create any combination from existing ala carte menu and set their own price. The team with highest PROFIT wins!

Observation : Team Dynamic

Joel was the team leader. Joel was not supportive to include Apple Pie as one of the items in the value meal but after much discussion and justification especially by Keng Teck, Joel accepted it. The final decision was to have "The Perfect 10" value meal priced at RM 10nett.

In the preparation stage, Joel spent the whole day with the graphic designer to design leaflet, buntings and banners and left the appointment with burger king branch manager to his team members. With limited time to do printing, Keng Teck was calling Joel to get the status of design. Joel claimed that Keng Teck is very loud and unprofessional plus a horrible team member whilst Keng Teck claimed that Joel did not lead well. How can anyone forget about Dr. Jahar? He was the sandwich man of the day.

Discussion :

Has Joel perform well as a good team leader especially strategy, operation and managing his team members?

Do you think that Joel is right on what he says about Keng Teck?

On the other hand, did Keng Teck make the right choice to challenge Joel so as to get better result?

Observation : Team Momentum

Anrie was the team leader. In the brainstorming session, Ernie again was the most prominent player. After much argument between Lin and Ernie, Anrie took Ernie's Idea of "Big Raja value meal" selling at the price of RM 12.95++.

In Team Momentum, there were less disagreement and everyone is working well with each other. Ernie's role as the King has been the most crucial aspect to bring in the crowd but whether it converted into sales of the new value meal is still in doubt. Their key promotional strategy was to offer a chance to win a SPA package and also offer rebate coupon. Ivan was again commented by Boon Yong that he could be more enthusiastic. Team Momentum was very confident that they will win.

Team Momentum lost. In the boardroom,, Anrie thinks that Ivan can do more. Lin thinks that Ernie might not be as effective as he claimed to be. When asked by Boon Yong who should leave, Anrie hold herself responsible to the lost as she was the team leader.

Anrie is the one who leave Team Momentum.

Discussion :
What went wrong with Team Momentum that leads to their defeat?
Who do you think is the weakiest link in the team?
Does Anrie deserve to leave the team? if not, who should be the one?

The Firm - Episode 2 (Nestle Omega Plus)

The Task
To organise a cholesterol awareness campaign. The objective is to create awareness amongst public that cholesterol will have impact on heart disease. The team that organise the most effective awareness campaign where it also sends out the message that Nestle Omega Plus champion such initiative will win.

Observation : Team Momentum
Khai was the team leader. Not much focus and direction to lead the team forward. During brainstorming session, Ernie gave most ideas and other contributed as well. Team momentum got a BIG LOVE signage costing most of the budget given. On the task day, Khai was late. Ernie and Ivan was giving out sample out from the booth location but unable to draw crowds in. The task location looks bare with minimum education on cholesterol. However, they have managed to get very high amount of donation money. Oh yes, they have to make their own milk and having problem with getting enough hot water.
In the board room, Khai and Ivan were on the hot seats. Most team members thought that Khai did not done well as a leader. Whilst Ivan was found that keeping his cards under his sleeves. Not contributing to the max.

Discussion :
Was Khai a weak leader and what can she improve on?
They was not much disagreement during the brainstorming. Can that be the reason why the direction and strategy were not firm and strong?
Ivan did not contribute as much as he could. Is it more important to keep a weak leader or leader with less commitment?

Observation : Team Dynamic
Keng Teck was the leader. The way Keng Teck conduct the brainstorming session were somewhat autocratic. Joel tried to insist to focus on Heart Disease while Keng Teck maintains that Cholesterol is the key focus. Team Dynamic has managed to run an effective awareness campaign with BP Lab to conduct health check, Nutrionist standing by to give advices, Walk through Facts and Figures about Cholesterol, I Care card to be distributed out, Cholesterol Quiz and of course the mobile van with Nestle Omega Plus.
Despite with good strategy and execution, Peter Pek commented that the brand was left less desired. Team Momentum has not done enough to promote the brand despite with banner (from the floor), Buntings, sampling exercise, pamplets of nestle etc. Not forgetting Dr. Jahar though that he is being treated as a waiter.

Discussion :
Keng Teck was very firm in his decision and direction. Kind of fierce person. Should he be that firm or should he listen more to Joel and other team members?
Keng Teck is a brand consultant but being commented that he did not bring out Nestle brand in the task. Should he focus more on the brand or the campaign?
Jahar seems not happy to be a waiter but the assingnment given to him was crucial to convince people that it taste good on top of good for health. Should he complaint?

(sorry for the late posting! was rushing for project. Hope it is not to late to discuss!)