Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Firm - Episode 6 (INTEL CORE 2 DUO)

Last week, we had a surprise where Joel has been transferred to Team Momentum. This week, we have another surprise. Team momentum with only Carmen and Keng Teck left, will be able to choose one terminated team member back into the challenge. Lucky for Keng Teck as he is not in good terms with Carmen since the last 2 episodes. Now let us observe what actually happens in this episode.

The Task
To introduce and to sell as many units of INTEL Core 2 Duo Processor in a designated retail outlet at Plaza Low Yat , Kuala Lumpur. The Team with highest number /units of INTEL Core 2 Duo Wins the task.

Observation : Team Dynamic
Team Dynamic was given a chance to choose a terminated team member back. Anrie whom has been terminated in the 3rd task (Burger King) was brought back to the challenge. Why Anrie? Have they made the right choice? Wouldn't it be wiser to choose an ex Team Dynamic ie Angeline?

In the brainstorming session, Anrie being a new member has contributed a lot of ideas while Keng Teck still as himself giving a lot of deep thoughts. Carmen again was relying very much on her team members idea.

Team Dynamic found out that ThunderMatch was going to organise their opening ceremony. Yahoo! much can be capitlaised on espeically the on-going promotion to pull the crowd in. Their key ideas were going around Low Yat to stick core 2 duo stickers on shoppers, a throw and win game that relates to core 2 duo, offer incentive to staff to sell as much as possible, basic deco and video on Intel Core 2 Duo. Have they done enough? Have they done it well? Was it effective? Did they win beccause of the opneing ceremony or is their effort to bring in higher sales?

Team Dynamic won the challenge but was called back to the boardroom as Peter thinks that they have done a bad job. Among issues brought up were lack of branding, too dependent on the retailer, the game was unpresentable and not much education on Intel core 2 duo. Both Anrie and Carmen pointed at Keng Teck as the one should be eliminated due to the game. Keng Teck fought back with justification that he contributed a lot if not the most and have gone the extra mile to promote Intel core 2 duo and sell some units as well. When asked who should be terminated, Keng Teck maintained that no one should be. Lucky for him, Peter spared all of them with a firm warning! Should anyone of them be terminated? who should be? Is it fair for the 2 girls to get Keng Teck out?

Observation : Team Momentum
Joel got his chance to be a team leader in Team Momentum. They might have thought that they had an advantage but Team Dynamic got themselves antoher creative Team member , Anrie. In addition to that, Team momentum especially Joel was very angry and things that the task given was not fair as Team Dynamic has an advantage given that the retailer has an opening ceremony with many promotions going on despite that it is on the 4th floor. Team momentum got their ALL IT HYPERMART on the 3rd floor. So do you think that it is an unfair task?

In the brainstorming session, Joel was trying very hard to dig into Ivan's mind for creative sales strategy. however not much was contributed. Surprisingly, Ernie was very quiet in this task. Wonder why? Ohh yes, Joel suggested promoters, where are the promoters?

Things weren't going so well when they meet the retailer. Joel found that Ivan was little bit pushy and using the wrong way to communicate. Really? missed that part actually! Waht exactly happen? anyone can share? Maybe Ivan himself can explain!

On task day, Team momentum was all charged up! Ernie again with the microphone drawing crowd (reminds me of The Big Raja, Burger King task). Ivan and Joel was trying to sell. Some of their strategies were low price packages, buy now and get rebate of RM 50, buntings to highlight the event and were they educating customers on Intel Core 2 duo?

Boon Yong caught Ivan in action during his sales. He was having problem serving a customer. But he is supposed to be the King of Sales! So what happen here?

In the boardroom, it was an easy decision for Boon Yong. Joel again came out with creative way in promoting sales, Ernie was the most hardworking one and of course maximising his LOUD voice. Who's left? Ivan. Does Ivan deserve to be terminated? If not him, who should be?

Note from Blog owner :
My apologies for not being to give you every detail as I was watching it in my friend's house with the presence of some of his guest. Can't really focus. Thus, missed out some scene. All is welcome to tell us what did i missed out!


anrie 2 said...

Keng Teck!!! You, My Hero!! *laugh* really, from what i saw yesterday, I thought you were "The Man-la!" Though there were a lot more that was exchanged in the boardroom and the fight with Peter was so much more intense, but I suppose there's only so much that could be projected.

And well,from the screening, I suppose I owe you an apology for putting you in that position. Though I believe we have a mutual understanding of what truly happened, right, a-pa? *grin*

To whether if the task was fair, well, looking back, there were way too many dubious elements that didn't allow fairplay. There were too many unpredicted circumstances that'd effected the task in a crucial manner.

Though I stand by with the fact that we were utilizing what was given to us, and true, Momentum did a good job given the circumstance. But says who that we wouldn't do the same if we were given THEIR stall in return? Cause if we were working with a different element, then I believe we would have developed a different strategy altogether.

At the end of the day, it was to sell as many Intel Core 2 Duo as possibly. And I choose to believe that we did what we could, utilising what we have. It was a little disatisfying to have our winning questioned despite fulfilling the objectives. But I will give it the benefit of a doubt that there are elements we might not comprehend.

Nonetheless, at the end of the day, it just feels good to be back.



W.SooSan said...

Team dynamic is right to either choose Anrie or Angeline, as both of them have their own advantage.

Anrie - Is from opposite team, if Joel can go to opposite team to help them win, why not Anrie? Anrie can be a useful weapon to compete with the other team.

Angeline - She contributed well in task one and for all the things she's done, she only wants her team to win. She might give the same dedication and loyalty - and this is her second chance for her to prove her self-worthiness. Further more, she knows the team members and what to expect from them.

All and all, to either choose one of them will be a wise move for Team Dynamic...but NOT Dr Jahar.

ezza erisa said...
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ezza erisa said...

I dun really can concetrate on last night show as I went out for a dinner.

but carmen really not a good leader...rely so much on other team member's idea and gave wrong definition about being a leader.

Who said leader do not need a idea, just combine people's idea and make it happen? hohohoh... so funny

sherby k said...

i think carmen did well and better than last time. i'll support her no matter what. i know she can do well. best wishes to her.

lucy liew said...

keng teck, you did well. I was really happy that u are not being eliminated. keep up the good work. can't wait for the coming episod.

Anonymous said...

Angeline - Further more, she knows the team members and what to expect from them.

How can she know other team members when she was only in one episode?!

w.soosan said...


Aiyoh...Angeline may be in only one episode, but doesn't mean within the time frame of their filming she didnt get to know the team members right?? Anrie also dunno the opposite team tat well right, but she's still an asset too whaaat. So it's a 50-50 chances lah!? You choose A1 over A2 doesn't mean, choose A1 sure win or A2 sure your math. It's all in the probability..

Sometimes, you may think you know your team members very very well eventho the filming takes very long. Wrong! It all depends on how they communicate with 1 another..but then, sometimes their relationship can be fake too (on the outside seemed nice) but in the inside, they all find flaws in/with one another. Afterall, tis is still a competition maaaahhhh....

FreEMan said...

Betul tu SooSan!

Kita minum MILO dulu! Eh, si anonymous ni sapa hah? maybe one of the contestant kot..dia dok tak suka ngan Angeline tu dari day one..Poyo punya orang. Cubalah cakap pasal orang lain...takde contestant dah nake komen ke??? Semua baik sangat ke?