Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Firm - Episode 3 (Burger King)

The Task

To create a new value meal for Burger King. The teams can create any combination from existing ala carte menu and set their own price. The team with highest PROFIT wins!

Observation : Team Dynamic

Joel was the team leader. Joel was not supportive to include Apple Pie as one of the items in the value meal but after much discussion and justification especially by Keng Teck, Joel accepted it. The final decision was to have "The Perfect 10" value meal priced at RM 10nett.

In the preparation stage, Joel spent the whole day with the graphic designer to design leaflet, buntings and banners and left the appointment with burger king branch manager to his team members. With limited time to do printing, Keng Teck was calling Joel to get the status of design. Joel claimed that Keng Teck is very loud and unprofessional plus a horrible team member whilst Keng Teck claimed that Joel did not lead well. How can anyone forget about Dr. Jahar? He was the sandwich man of the day.

Discussion :

Has Joel perform well as a good team leader especially strategy, operation and managing his team members?

Do you think that Joel is right on what he says about Keng Teck?

On the other hand, did Keng Teck make the right choice to challenge Joel so as to get better result?

Observation : Team Momentum

Anrie was the team leader. In the brainstorming session, Ernie again was the most prominent player. After much argument between Lin and Ernie, Anrie took Ernie's Idea of "Big Raja value meal" selling at the price of RM 12.95++.

In Team Momentum, there were less disagreement and everyone is working well with each other. Ernie's role as the King has been the most crucial aspect to bring in the crowd but whether it converted into sales of the new value meal is still in doubt. Their key promotional strategy was to offer a chance to win a SPA package and also offer rebate coupon. Ivan was again commented by Boon Yong that he could be more enthusiastic. Team Momentum was very confident that they will win.

Team Momentum lost. In the boardroom,, Anrie thinks that Ivan can do more. Lin thinks that Ernie might not be as effective as he claimed to be. When asked by Boon Yong who should leave, Anrie hold herself responsible to the lost as she was the team leader.

Anrie is the one who leave Team Momentum.

Discussion :
What went wrong with Team Momentum that leads to their defeat?
Who do you think is the weakiest link in the team?
Does Anrie deserve to leave the team? if not, who should be the one?


Anonymous said...

errrr have to say this episode is more like some tv drama than reality tv show......

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