Sunday, August 26, 2007

What makes a good leader?

So many of us has commented on the contestants. We have different views, positioning and intepretation of what makes a good leader.

This is a chance for you to say it out loud. (fyi, this was the 1st question asked to all the 500 candidates who had applied to be in THE FIRM). Who knows, if there will be second season, you might be shortlisted for giving the best answer.

The Show is also about sharing experience and to offer guidance to individual in the corporate world on survivor and leadership. What have you learn from the show?

Describe each Contestants with maximum of 5 words

The show has just ended. I am sure that everyone has enjoyed it very much thanks to all the contestants with their respective personality, leadership and communication skills.

Lets not forget about them.

With Maximum of 5 words (can be a phrase or invidual words), please describe each of the contestants with regard to their leadership and personality.

Angeline :
Anrie :
Carmen :
Dr. Jahar :
Ernie :
Ivan :
Joel :
Keng Teck :
Khai :
Lin :

Do they have what it takes to be in THE FIRM?

We will make it short for this post.

Joel is the winner.

Does he has what it takes to be in THE FIRM?

Ernie might not have won, but do you think he will do better than everyone else in THE FIRM?

Ultimately, who is the better leader? A leader that you will rather work for or work with irregardless of whether he or she is the winner in The Firm! You can name all the other contestants too. Please tell us why ok?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

We have reached the mark of 1,500 unique visitors

I would like to thank and congratulate all visitors and the fans of "The Firm" for your participation in the heated discussion in today's corporate world.

This blog has attracted more than 1,500 unique visitors and more than 3,000 page visits.

Tomorrow will be the last episode of The Firm but will not be the end of the discussion. Do continue to come back as there will be more exciting updates, news or even special appearance to this blog.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Firm - Episode 9 (What will happen to Joel's event carpet?)

Last week, there were a lot of dramas and challenges faced by Joel and Ernie. Before the show ends, Joel's carpet came in BLACK instead of LIGHT BLUE. Everyone was shocked!

Let us Guess!
Will Joel get his Light Blue Carpet at the end of the day?
Will there be proceeding with the black carpet?
How and what will Joel or his team member do to solve the problem?

Come on guys and girls!! Let us guess what will happen?
Will Joel put the blame on Keng Teck again?
Could it be Angeline who saved the day / night?
Will Anrie or Joel come out with creative ideas to turn problems into opportunities?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Firm - Episode 9 (The Final 2)

Sorry for the late review! Here it is!


Joel and Ernie were the top finalist for THE FIRM. The Youngest vs The Oldest of all contestants. All other contestants were brought back to assist them in their final task except Khai who can't make it due to work engagement.


Team members include Keng Teck (who always argue with him), Anrie (his best supporter) and Angeline (the one he responsible for her elimination).

The task is to organise a celebrity fashion show at One Utama shopping complex. Key partners for the event include Olay White Radiance (Main Sponsor), Island Shop (Apparel sponsor) and Rotary Club (beneficiary of the charity fund).

Non-stop Excitement / Drama

  • Joel got the wrong message on what brand to be promoted. Instead of Olay White Radiance, Joel thought that the main sponsor is Olay. Thus, the confusion in terms of color and the concept to bring out the brand message. Olay White Radiance was not happy with the concept proposed as they can't see how their brand is being incorporated to the brand. How could Joel make such big mistake?
  • Preparation and negotiation with Island shop was not smooth at all. Firstly, it was a mess during the fitting session where the celebrity had to wait for such a long time for their turn, the fitting was wrong in terms of concept as well. There was communication brekdown between Joel and Island shop where both have their own idea on the type of outfit for the show. Why was it not communicated before? This is the one of the most improtant element of a fashion show. Has Joel done enough or well? In addition to the above problem, Angeline's pro-activeness brought in negative impact leading to the lost of space for make up area. Was it really Angeline's fault or Joel's excuse for not be able to negotiate for the make up area?
  • Angeline is responsible for charity programmes. However, when is time for Angeline to meet up SPCA, Joel requested Keng Teck to follow her to ensure she says the right thing. Was that necessary? Is it right to delegate a task to a person but does not trust her doing it well?
  • Finally, the carpet issue! Ordered Light blue but came Black. It was midnight and the next days will be the fashion show. What went wrong? Keng Teck was responsible for settings and tried his best to solve it calmly whilst Joel was speeechless. Actually everyone was shocked! Will there be an event the next day? If continue to use the black carpet, will that lead to a lost in the task?


Team members include Lin (hates Ernie's guts), Carmen (the so called emotional one), Ivan (closest team member to Ernie) and Dr. Jahar (the "where is the Jahar?")

The Task is to organise a Movie Premiere at GSC Mid Valley. Key Partners include GSC (The Cinema), Pringles (Main Sponsor) and Kiwanis Club (beneficiary of the charity fund)

I lead, You execute

  • Ernie always knows what to do and hands on. During brainstorming or should i call it delegation session, it felt like 1 way communications. His team members were just merely taking instructions. Has ernie maximised his team's skills and experience?
  • Lin and Ernie were still not in good terms. Shouldn't they forget the pass and move forward? Lin is here to help Ernie, shouldn't he be grateful? On the other hand, since Lin is willing to comeback and help, why still have that anger on Ernie?
  • Movie without Popcorn and drinks! During discussion with GSC representatives, Ernie insisted that the drinks and popcorns were not as important as others with the reason of limited budget or the price of it is too high. Do you think Ernie do not like to take orders as what Ivan mentioned or is it part of his strategy to get GSC to sponsor the drinks?
  • Pringles for all in the Cinema. Ivan suggested pringles in diffrent bowls but did not thought of labeling it to ease their guest identifying the flavours. Who knows what brand of potato chips are they eating? Where is the branding for their main sponsor?
  • Ernie only offered 2 tickets for their main sponsor. 2 tickets? would that be too few? Adding that the sponsor actually requested for more! Should Ernie be offering more tickets to their main sponsor?
  • This movie premiere is certianly a glamorous one. Usherer with REAL , BRANDED diamonds all over. While the guys were busy moving all the stuff and setting up the place, the girls went to "The Carat Club" to choose their diamond accessories to look good for the night. Wonder who is the boss of The Carat Club? hmmm?!!!! Was it neccessary? What went wrong here? Ernie did not delegated any task to them or the girls thinks that looking great is more important than ensuring the movie premiere is all smoothly organised?

What will be the additional surprises in the Finale? Both of them eliminated? Both of them hired? Someone who was eliminated being brought back to be one of the chellenger?

It is just becoming more exciting! Make sure you comment here and get yourselves some Pringles ready on Sunday 9pm.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Firm - Episode 8 (Hartamas Shopping Centre - Flea market)

One of the most interesting episodes. Despite Joel won the challenge with the highest profit, there were no clear winner as there were too many variables in this task. So what happened?

The Task
Every contestant were given RM 500 and 3 days to set up stalls at Hartamas Shopping Centre Flea Market. Each of the stalls cost only RM40. RM 500 will be deducted from your profit whether you use the money or not. The contestant who earn the highest profit will win the task.

Joel - A very clever and creative guy. He came out with the concept of sub-renting the stalls 10x higher than his cost by promising an effective marketing platform namely - The Mezzanine. He printed some brochures, hired some promoters, organise lucky draw etc. Nevertheless, did he do a good job in delivering his promise? Some of the tenants were unhappy of what it turned out to be and what was promised. People did pass by but was it because of his marketing effort or just window shoppers to the flea market?

Joel won the challenge with the highest profit. Even without selling anything, he has already won the challenge. Does he deserve to be the winner of the task?

Ernie - The street wise experience businessman who knows what works and what don't. Selling antiques, accessories, clothing with high margin. Knows when to give discount and know when to increase the price too. He managed to get the second highest profit.

Anrie - The young vibrant and flexible girl with entrepreneur spirit that dare to take risk. Other than selling some accessories, plants and some children clothing, she tried her luck on "Rent a Tune". Hmm! Is it co-incidence that the new CEO is from Tunemoney? hehe! just a joke. It was a great risk but he did managed to convince few customers to actually buy her service. Sadly, her performance was not better than Joel and Ernie.

Keng Teck - The man with great strategies and focus in delivering his tasks but not in this time. On the day the task were given, his wife was ready to deliver their 1st baby. Wasting no time, he rushed to the hospital, accompanied his wife throughout the whole delivery process and lost 2 preparation days. With his wife and baby on his mind all the time, he lost focus but yet to give up. He tried his best to do what he can within a day.

Finally he managed to get hold on the chocolate deep, baby gift box and handbags to be sold. Luck was not on his side when the chocolate was not ready when the flea market opens.
For the first time, this tough and "LOUD guy" expressed his emotion and came down with tears when given the chance to talk infront of the camera to his wife and baby. Touching or as emotional as Carmen? Result was announced, Keng Teck made a lost.

Joel as the winner automatically made his way to the next task. Ernie, Anrie and Keng Teck was interviewed individually by Tengku Zafrul.

Surely it was a surprising scene to many that Ernie the Guru of confidence were being challenged by Tengku Zafrul on several occassion until he can't say anything. Never seen him gone through such situation before.

Anrie as usual very dynamic in her response to Tengku Zafrul's questions especially when asked what she thinks about Ernie. Female can be very fierce when pushed to the limit. Both Keng Teck and Anrie think that he is hard to work with. As for herself, she maintained that she has alot to offer. Nevertheless, she still always use the word "I think" which demonstate lack of confidence.

Guessed Keng Teck already knew that he will be the one terminated as he was the only one who made a lost. He placed his family as priority and claimed that he should stay in the firm because he did not give up and end his defence with "I might have lost a battle but I have not lost a war"

Another twist! 2 contestants are to be terminated this week. Good bye Anrie and Keng Teck!

A performing leader for series of tasks or a winner in a single task should be in "The Firm"? If you were Tengku Zafrul, would you decide differently?

Joel won the task but disappointed his customers. Does that make him a good leader?

Ernie has been a leading and performing contestant. Despite occasionally over confident, he did perform consistently. Shouldn't he be acknowledged for his performance in selling with the most profit (selling real goods)?

Anrie was given the 2nd chance and did progress to be a more confident person. She has talent, energy and much more to offer. Shouldn't she be given a chance to prove herself?

Keng Teck made a lost in this task. Do you think that he will out perform others if he need not have to be by the side with his family?