Sunday, August 26, 2007

Describe each Contestants with maximum of 5 words

The show has just ended. I am sure that everyone has enjoyed it very much thanks to all the contestants with their respective personality, leadership and communication skills.

Lets not forget about them.

With Maximum of 5 words (can be a phrase or invidual words), please describe each of the contestants with regard to their leadership and personality.

Angeline :
Anrie :
Carmen :
Dr. Jahar :
Ernie :
Ivan :
Joel :
Keng Teck :
Khai :
Lin :


Anonymous said...

not fair of ivan to lbel somebody a punk. it was rude, uncalled for and immature.

Anonymous said...

Joel truly deserves it. He's interview is also featured today in The Star. All the best!

Anonymous said...

boring & dry final episode !

Anonymous said...

i recall in a certain episode ivan calling joel a childish person. looks like ivan himself never looked into a mirror.

Danielle G said...

How about getting Joel - the winner, to describe each of the contestants he worked with? Without ALL of them, he wont be a winner rite? He owes it to them all..without their strength and weaknesses, he wont outshine them and bring home the trophy...what say you Mr Blog Administrator?

BIZSPHERE Brand & Marketing Services said...

Hi Danielle,

Would try our best to get Joel to comment as per your request.

Anonymous said...

i've found joel's blog in blogspot & its at :-)

Anonymous said...

This ANONYMOUS is pro Joel huh....

I can see him/her rooted for him, while the rest kena bashed up!!

You are one sided lar!

- Puteri Impian -

Anonymous said...

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