Saturday, August 25, 2007

We have reached the mark of 1,500 unique visitors

I would like to thank and congratulate all visitors and the fans of "The Firm" for your participation in the heated discussion in today's corporate world.

This blog has attracted more than 1,500 unique visitors and more than 3,000 page visits.

Tomorrow will be the last episode of The Firm but will not be the end of the discussion. Do continue to come back as there will be more exciting updates, news or even special appearance to this blog.


Ed.C said...

I'd love a second season. =)
Hope there's plans for one. =D

K.e.s.T said...

At last Joel won. He is smart and innovative. Though looks quite proud, he has the ability to draw the people to him. A young person who will go far but need to be careful with pride. Willing to admit the mistake when the boss shared on his discomfort on being called up the stage.A good quality.
Congrat, Joel.

Ernie, though assertive can be appeared too proud. He is too self centered, a lot of "I". A good entrepreneur. Played safe most of the time.

Keng Teck, the unfortunate non-finalist. He actually had the quality of a good leader. He has a lot of human touch ( shown by his priority on family). In the earlier episode, he tried too hard and thus appeared to be rather pushy but in the end he shown that he is a good leader. Continue your good work, Keng teck.

erl said...

one thing i want to point out in the show. angeline in the final episode says she wants joel to win after the event. and then in the boardroom she turns around and says otherwise instead. talk about hipocrisy.

airinie said...

I'd strongly suggest to add some changes to the storyboard of The Firm (if there's a second season). Being so-called emulating "The Apprentice", there are a few key points they've missed out - which actually made The Apprentice (fan as like myself) enjoyable.

Addition / change I would like to look forward to is: -

(a) Being rewarded when winning a project / task. Even the "Carrefour" reality show showered the team with rewards. Mind you, reward is not in terms of money but in kind (and knowledge)

(b) Conclusion statements / selling points statements. Donald Trump will always wrap up an episode with some key selling points (e.g. Location, Location , Location is what he stressed in one of those episode)

(c) No "eyes" and "ears" for decision maker (i.e. to fire or hire) to compare. You can never know, the next season may be like an episode in "Survivor", where everyone may gang-up on a person trying to get him/her eliminated - whereas he/she is the strongest player/leader in the team.

Min Xie said...

Hi erl..

In this show...I gather that NO ONE is non hipocrites, So I understand when Angeline says she 'hopes' Joel will win, but in the end changed her mind to vote for Ernie for whatever reasons may be. Every contestants may have thought thoroughly during the final on who should be the DESERVING winner. I dont see its wrong to change one's mind after considering all facts. I thought I wanted Joel to win earlier too, but then changed my mind after I checked on Ernie's bio in his website as I think he is more matured than Joel. Btw, if Angeline sincerely dont want Joel to win, do you think she will handle the charity homes successfully for his final events?? She might as well sabo....lah

Hang Too Ah said...

I agree with Arinie's comment number 3. In this show, I dont think they all are sincere with one another, mesti ada gang punya..yang glamer at one end, yang bi&*%y at one end, yang ingat diorang pandai sangat at one end..IN THE END, masing masing gang to eliminate team member yang berbakat coz they takut their position will be 'harmed'...Overall, most of them takde sifat team work yang sejati, semua nak jadi hero...dan glamer..ada satu dua yang kira ok.