Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Firm - Episode 7 (Sunrise - Mont Kiara AMAN)

Opening :
Another surprise! Peter Pek and Boon Yong has done their job, shortlisted the final 5 to be in The Firm. From now on, Tengku Zafrul, CEO of Tune Money will be the CEO and of course the person who will be terminating some of the contestans. Finally, we know who will the winner be working for! So what do you think of Tengku Zafrul as the CEO of THE FIRM?

The Task :
To decorate a condominium unit's living room of Mont Kiara Aman followed by promoting it to potential buyers. There will be no team leader. Everyone will be working as individuals. The worst team player will leave The Firm (which was only told at the end).

Observations :

There is no Team Leader
  • Everyone would have to work together to achieve the best performance in completing the task
  • During brainstroming, everyone state their working styles and had been agreed upon. Again Keng Teck like to challenge ideas!! Good or bad?
  • When all are exploring decorative ideas, Keng Teck is one of the most vocal one with his own idea and trying to convince others. Finally, due to unable to justify his points against what has been presented, he respects the team's ideas and decision. Do you think that Keng Teck is really distruptive?

The wrong TV set

  • A wrong TV set was sent to the condominium. Carmen was asked why? Both Keng Teck and Joel thinks that Carmen was abit defensive and was little harsh on the supplier. The TV ordered was supposed to be only 32" with speakers but now it is a 42" without speakers. So who cares about the speakers as long as it looks big and nice in the unit. finally the guys decided to just keep it. (scolded by Carmen when discussing as it was too noisy)
  • Is it Carmen's fault? Don't think so ! But should she manage the situation better? Is she being defensive as claimed by the 2 guys?

The Lamp

  • The girls have used a lot of time to choose the lamps. Finally there was one extra lamp where no one knows where to put it. The decision was made with the knowledge of everyone except Keng Teck. Keng Teck as the appointed Accountant of the task questioned "If we are not going to use, why buy it?". Carmen's opinion was to just keep it if it is not going to be used.
  • Is Keng Teck being over concern again? Has Carmen made the right decision to get the lamp and was her rationale acceptable?

Promoting the Unit

  • Carmen was explaining and promoting the unit to a potential buyer. Keng TEck then came in (intersect / to support? ) not sure!
  • Keng Teck given wrong info on the barbecue space. Yeah! of course Carmen was happy to see that!!
  • Carmen can't answer most of the questions posted to her
  • Joel and Ernie having challenging time to deal with a difficult customers and sometimes unable to answer his investment questions.
  • IS Keng Teck being rude or is he trying to help carmen answering some of the questions posted ? but well, at the end , gave the wrong info!
  • Carmen looks like not prepared and doesn't know much of key elements of the units. Shouldn't she be more commited and learn not to rely too much on team members?
  • What about Joel? Did not manage to answer few questions but did help out Carmen.

In the boardroom

  • The fight between Carmen and Keng Teck. When are they going to stop fighting?
  • Keng Teck was pointed out as the worse team players by all as he was loud and sometimes disruptive. Also he is not easy to work with. However, all of them especially Joel and ERnie acknowledge that Keng Teck is a better leader than Carmen because he delivers result.
  • Carmen was pointed out as not being committed and prepared for the task. Everyone likes Carmen especially Joel who will surely hire Carmen as a team member but not Keng Teck.
  • When asked who should be eliminated? Carmen and Joel voted for Keng Teck while Keng Teck, Ernie and Anrie voted for Carmen.
  • Tengku Zafrul is looking for some one who can deliver results and yet a good team member. But when need to choose, deliveing results is far more important. Carmen was terminated.
  • If you were Tengku Zafrul , who would you terminate? The one who is focus and deliver results but hard to work with or a person who is so nice and fun to work with but deliver less?
  • The task was about Team work. Worst team player will be terminated. Thus, is it fair for Tengku Zafrul to terminate Carmen since she is not the worst team player?

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Isabelle Tee W.H said...

I think Keng Teck has more advantages as compared to Carmen. He may be 'loud' but he delivers what he was told so, in the past - he can be a good team player, he contributes although in a pushy/authoritative and challenging manner. Overall, Keng Teck just need to tone down his aggresiveness in order to fit in a team. A team can be of people with different sets of characters (considering their background and experiences), so he must learn when to be quiet and listen and when to speak up - not all situation requires his opinion. While he wants to be a team player by helping out the team (even if he's not asked to do so), he needs to back out a bit to let the team member to settle their own problem before stepping in. He can't be a savior to ALL the problems in order to look capable.

No doubt the team feels that working with Carmen is fun, but in comes later, the ability to deliver result must come first, more often than not it should come together. Carmen can be emotional at times, very in touch with herself - which explains why she gets defensive over small things. She wants to feel protected all the time. Not wise though. She appears insecure and indecisive. In the real world, she needs to toughen up and learn to control her emotion. She may be a good team player, but not as a team leader/manager.

Carmen's decision to buy the lamp is a waste of resource. How much is it?? Since the girls have taken a long time to decide which lamp to buy, its funny why such wastage comes up?? Why Anrie contact Joel instead of Keng Teck to check if they have enough budget or not?? Isn't Keng Teck the accountant? Seriously, I think the black lamp is weird!

The team focussed too much to just sell the unit. They didnt do much homework to prepare themselves from questions received from the astute investors/buyers. Obviously, they're kinda blur. How to be a good business people when everything related to market/finance also 'don't know'? Isn't the new CEO from Tune Money? How to help run a financial related company when basic infos on finance is not met? The final contestants all are good at PR but poor in finance/management skills.

I dont think the final design in the unit is attractive enough to attract buyers - perhaps too many ideas on how to decorate the unit?. It could have been done better, but as an investor, I would buy the unit for the sake of its return, 5 to 10 years from now. Practicality matters.