Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Firm - Episode 9 (What will happen to Joel's event carpet?)

Last week, there were a lot of dramas and challenges faced by Joel and Ernie. Before the show ends, Joel's carpet came in BLACK instead of LIGHT BLUE. Everyone was shocked!

Let us Guess!
Will Joel get his Light Blue Carpet at the end of the day?
Will there be proceeding with the black carpet?
How and what will Joel or his team member do to solve the problem?

Come on guys and girls!! Let us guess what will happen?
Will Joel put the blame on Keng Teck again?
Could it be Angeline who saved the day / night?
Will Anrie or Joel come out with creative ideas to turn problems into opportunities?


Tasha said...

I think Joel sure hentam Keng Teck. It's already too late to change the carpet!

Nikita Florina said...

Think positive. The Firm is about drama kan?? Ha Ha..I think the blue carpet will come, maybe diorang beli from nearest shop kot?

airinie said...

I have three (3) different gueses for this one.

(1) Joel's team will get something else on top (fabric) to lay on top of the current carpet; OR!!

(2) the show still goes on with the black carpet but Joel's team deviate / distract their sponsors to focus on other things; OR!!

(3) Keng Teck managed to get another supplier on time.

Anonymous said...

i think the supplier will help out by changing the carpets but bringing a red carpet the second time round. he's obviously colour blind! teehee.

Yap Keng Teck said...

If Joel hentam pun, kan biasa dah! hahhahahh


At that time, it was about 11.30pm. Mana ada nearest shop. In addition, if got, who is gonna lay it down for them?

Getting another supplier on time? Again, it was near midnight? possible?

I like your answer a lot. May be that is what gonna happen.

Edmund.C said...

lol....just discovered this blog after finish watching the entire series.

Honestly speaking,when I saw and heard that a black carpet was delivered instead of a blue one....
I spoke out loud "OH SH**" in my living room. lol

sherby said...

keng teck,
HOw do you manage to get the black carpet?

Yap Keng Teck said...

You mean how did i get the light blue carpet instead of Black.

Well i would say : calm, persistent, lots of contacts and never say is impossible.

As you know, the supplier had mentioned that there is no way that he could get any replacement at that time coz already midnight. I have made some calls to some of my contacts where most also say that it is impossible. What choice do we have, calmly pursuade our supplier to try his best, don't blame him for the fault he made but request for his assistance to solve the problem. At the end, my contacts got another supplier and our own supplier has got the same contact as well. Thus, both side requested a favour to open their store (at about 12.30am) and get the blue carpet out.

No special trick. But i think good luck comes into play.

wellney said...

hey, keng teck! your cantonese is really funny la.. btw, joel cant speak mandarin even dont understand mandarin?