Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Firm - Episode 9 (The Final 2)

Sorry for the late review! Here it is!


Joel and Ernie were the top finalist for THE FIRM. The Youngest vs The Oldest of all contestants. All other contestants were brought back to assist them in their final task except Khai who can't make it due to work engagement.


Team members include Keng Teck (who always argue with him), Anrie (his best supporter) and Angeline (the one he responsible for her elimination).

The task is to organise a celebrity fashion show at One Utama shopping complex. Key partners for the event include Olay White Radiance (Main Sponsor), Island Shop (Apparel sponsor) and Rotary Club (beneficiary of the charity fund).

Non-stop Excitement / Drama

  • Joel got the wrong message on what brand to be promoted. Instead of Olay White Radiance, Joel thought that the main sponsor is Olay. Thus, the confusion in terms of color and the concept to bring out the brand message. Olay White Radiance was not happy with the concept proposed as they can't see how their brand is being incorporated to the brand. How could Joel make such big mistake?
  • Preparation and negotiation with Island shop was not smooth at all. Firstly, it was a mess during the fitting session where the celebrity had to wait for such a long time for their turn, the fitting was wrong in terms of concept as well. There was communication brekdown between Joel and Island shop where both have their own idea on the type of outfit for the show. Why was it not communicated before? This is the one of the most improtant element of a fashion show. Has Joel done enough or well? In addition to the above problem, Angeline's pro-activeness brought in negative impact leading to the lost of space for make up area. Was it really Angeline's fault or Joel's excuse for not be able to negotiate for the make up area?
  • Angeline is responsible for charity programmes. However, when is time for Angeline to meet up SPCA, Joel requested Keng Teck to follow her to ensure she says the right thing. Was that necessary? Is it right to delegate a task to a person but does not trust her doing it well?
  • Finally, the carpet issue! Ordered Light blue but came Black. It was midnight and the next days will be the fashion show. What went wrong? Keng Teck was responsible for settings and tried his best to solve it calmly whilst Joel was speeechless. Actually everyone was shocked! Will there be an event the next day? If continue to use the black carpet, will that lead to a lost in the task?


Team members include Lin (hates Ernie's guts), Carmen (the so called emotional one), Ivan (closest team member to Ernie) and Dr. Jahar (the "where is the Jahar?")

The Task is to organise a Movie Premiere at GSC Mid Valley. Key Partners include GSC (The Cinema), Pringles (Main Sponsor) and Kiwanis Club (beneficiary of the charity fund)

I lead, You execute

  • Ernie always knows what to do and hands on. During brainstorming or should i call it delegation session, it felt like 1 way communications. His team members were just merely taking instructions. Has ernie maximised his team's skills and experience?
  • Lin and Ernie were still not in good terms. Shouldn't they forget the pass and move forward? Lin is here to help Ernie, shouldn't he be grateful? On the other hand, since Lin is willing to comeback and help, why still have that anger on Ernie?
  • Movie without Popcorn and drinks! During discussion with GSC representatives, Ernie insisted that the drinks and popcorns were not as important as others with the reason of limited budget or the price of it is too high. Do you think Ernie do not like to take orders as what Ivan mentioned or is it part of his strategy to get GSC to sponsor the drinks?
  • Pringles for all in the Cinema. Ivan suggested pringles in diffrent bowls but did not thought of labeling it to ease their guest identifying the flavours. Who knows what brand of potato chips are they eating? Where is the branding for their main sponsor?
  • Ernie only offered 2 tickets for their main sponsor. 2 tickets? would that be too few? Adding that the sponsor actually requested for more! Should Ernie be offering more tickets to their main sponsor?
  • This movie premiere is certianly a glamorous one. Usherer with REAL , BRANDED diamonds all over. While the guys were busy moving all the stuff and setting up the place, the girls went to "The Carat Club" to choose their diamond accessories to look good for the night. Wonder who is the boss of The Carat Club? hmmm?!!!! Was it neccessary? What went wrong here? Ernie did not delegated any task to them or the girls thinks that looking great is more important than ensuring the movie premiere is all smoothly organised?

What will be the additional surprises in the Finale? Both of them eliminated? Both of them hired? Someone who was eliminated being brought back to be one of the chellenger?

It is just becoming more exciting! Make sure you comment here and get yourselves some Pringles ready on Sunday 9pm.


Juwita said...

I ada kawan kerja part time kat Island Shop. Memang polisi diorang tak allow models tukar baju atau mekap in outlet. Takut baju/aksesori hilang. Dengan adanya semua models kat outlet, outlet akan jadi sesak dan tak kemas. So ini akan menyebabkan customer diorang lari atau tak boleh tumpu perhatian sebab asyik tengok models. Joel patut buat plan B dan tak patut nak blame team member dia sebab nak tolong dia secure outlet tu. Walau macam mana pun, Joel tak prepare langsung sekiranya pihak outlet tak kerjasama. Blaming team member dia menunjukkan dia tak matang dan tak tahu pikul kelemahan sendiri.

Peter Pan & Gang said...


I'm new to this blog but have been following the episodes (missed the first two though!)..At first I thot it's boring, then after a while I find it interesting!

I would like to part my opinion about this episode.

In this episode, it is obvious that Joel didnt make enuf preparation to meet most of his sponsors. He dont even have back up plans should the discussions turned unsuccessful. He may not be able to please all sponsors, but coming up with back up plans before meeting them would save his day. I wonder if he ever discuss it with his team members on the back up plans?? He is probably expecting all the sponsors accepts his ideas.

It is not ethical for him to blame his team mate (the girl he's reponsible for elimination) just because she is trying to help him to get one of the sponsor to change her mind and let them use the outlet for models. Did he communicate his ideas to his team mate before the discussion take place to ensure they are on same page? He didnt even communicate his ideas with the sponsors...How careless! He should have check on their policy before proceed with discussion. Blaming on Angeline made him looked immature and unable to admit his own mistakes.
Maybe due to his confidence level, he probably worried Angeline that she will sabotage his event - hence asking KengTeck to accompany her to SPCA. By doing this, it shows that he's a revengeful and insecure person that he couldnt even trust a team mate to execute a job for him due to what happen in the past. If Im not mistaken, he wants Angeline to be in charge because of her passion for charity, then why would a person of such passion would do anything to jeopardize his task? Wouldn't it mean causing problems to the charity homes as well? A good leader will learn to forgive and give a chance to his team members and not have doubts or blame them if things go wrong. Ahh...as to the black carpet issue, whether they obtain it in the end or not, the show must go on. Again, dont the team have back up plan? Why is Joel speechless? Shows that again, he has no back up plan, why didnt he blame KengTeck for the mix up? Compared with Angeline for trying to secure the shop for model with Keng Teck mix up on carpet, the carpet issue is even more worst! Coz it can be seen visibly!

Ernie should learn to trust his team mates with tasks. He didnt seem to listen to suggestions but rather take his own suggestions as the BEST one. Lin should learn to grow up and face Ernie, and not hold bad feelings due what had happened. If I remember the episode clearly, I would fire Lin too for taking a long time to decide on crucial matters considering they are given a short time to execute. Watching movie with no snacks??? You kidding me? Ernie should at least with sponsors if some can sponsor snacks on that day rather than getting GSC GM to 'volunteer' sponsor. She looked upset! 2 Tickets per main sponsor is way too little..should at least 10. The girls took sweet time to choose jewellery rather than help at the venue is very childish and unprofessional. It's not necessary to attract donors with glittering diamonds!

Anonymous said...

That lady from Island Shop from 1 Utama is a real b*&@$#! She acts like she is so, so great. It's just a few hours for charity! Will it kill you to give a little? Where's your heart? You want the name and publicity but not really willing to help that much. I will make sure not to shop there and I will tell all my friends not to shop there too.

Mynah Rocks said...

Ya! I sokong! Memang patut Island Shop tak dapat bisnes! Dahlah orang promote baju diorang, nak pinjam tempat pun tak boleh..Island Shop boleh blah! Adakah patut cakap 'Not Fair To push us to give the place...' Kan lagi kotor kalau baju diorang tu bawa kat toilet atau outside the shop?? Baju diorang bukannya cantik sangat..mahal lagi!